Bug in a bottle n bargain fabrics

 The completed Bugs in a Bottle quilt.  Well nearly completed I need to sew a label on it, so its still sitting next to my chair, to do one night, when I find the labels!
 A close up of some of the bugs.  Some of the prints are small (bottom row, second from left end they are purple spiders) and the far right on the bottom row are actually green and orange frogs, but also difficult to spot.  I used gold fish in another bottle and mice in one, as I wanted each print to be different.  If you want to  make one of these quilts I really recommend getting together with some friends and swapping fabrics, as its hard to get 20 different fabrics, plus you don't need a whole fat quarter!  Otherwise there are shops that sell collections often in fat 1/8's, just perfect for this design!
 I had a spend up a few weeks ago.  The bottom pink is the backing fabric for my Ohio star lap quilt.  The floral on the left is "just because" I love it so much, I think it will make a great bag.  The pink/white print on the right is the backing for my Kwik Star quilt - these fabrics were all $7 p/m, so too good to ignore!
Now these fabrics were also on sale, although I do recollect I had to pay $12 p/m (LOL) for one print, I cannot remember which one it was.  But my mistake was buying them when I didn't have the pattern.

This is the magazine that I picked up (friend had cleaned out her collection) but AFTER we got to the sale I realised it was part 3 of a 3 part pattern and I only had the quilting instructions.  So I brought yardage, not knowing if that was enough, only to find out I cannot get the pattern.  Well I can if I want to buy the magazine on-line but it would be $28 Australian including shipping just for part 1, part 2 isn't available.

 I haven't decided if I am going to try other options for finding this pattern (well baskets are on my wish list!) or just enjoy the fabric and find another pattern that they would suit equally as well.  And I was doing so well in reducing my stash!
Happy quilting, Sue SA.


  1. what a shame about the pattern but I'm sure you will find a great use for the fabric.... good prices - it's hard not to buy when they are such bargains...

  2. Bugs in Bottles is beautiful. Congratulations on the finish.

    And I have some of the fabric in the far left of your first photo. In fact I have the whole collection in charm squares just waiting for the right project to come along.

    What a pity about the pattern . I hope you can find the other parts !

  3. Very nice stash enhancement! By golly I love those spots. one day when you are feeling brave you could have a go at drafting a pattern. Just get yourself some good graph paper and coloured pencils.


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