Sewing room chaos

Never fear, ask and you shall receive!  Remember this pattern from my last post?
 Well I did what I SHOULD have done before I whined!  I goggled the designer, found out she had a website, then sent her an email!  Hey presto the lovely Ann Horton has generously emailed me the pattern. Then my lovely friend Heather remembered she had another pile of magazines she had given away, and yes Part 1 was in that pile, which she kindly retrieved for me and I just have to pick up from her!  So fingers crossed I got some of the yardage already purchased right, but if not, don't think its going to matter too much as this is a scrappy look quilt.  Hmm perhaps I had better use some of my stash!

Before I start ANY sewing we need to get the LAST room painted...yep my sewing room.  Its also the guest bedroom, dumping ground for ironing, mending, bits to be transported to Grandmas house and home to all the baby gear which I am trying to get rid of!  Currently all the contents of our lounge room and DH office are in there as well...but the painter finished those two rooms yesterday and kindly agreed to not come today, so I had time to clear it out.  Of course that doesn't mean that everything will go back in to its right spots straight away, but at least I don't have to panic and make an even bigger mess.

Remember this pink/purple star quilt?  Well that is all carefully laid out in my sewing room, under all this mess.  I had cut and swapped the blocks which is crucial to ensuring each block has the right combo of fabrics...then didn't finish sewing the blocks together (takes a bit of time) before the painter started work.  So now I am desperate to get to the blocks and carefully put them somewhere safe!
The electrician is also coming today so fingers crossed a I get a double power point installed in my sewing room, before the painter needs to paint that wall!
Happy quilting, Sue.


  1. Lots of busy-ness...I love painters!

  2. I always love the results when the decorators have been in, but hate having to get ready for them! Still, you're almost finished now.

    The star quilt looks every bit as lovely as I thought it would when you showed us the start of it.

  3. How lucky were you getting the pattern. You will be itching to start it after you get your painting finished and everything restored to its rightful place.Its such a lovely basket pattern.


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