Working on a Finish and starting a new project

Last weekends post didn't get finished until Wednesday and even then I ran out of steam as the Internet was being so slow.  SEW the progress of attaching binding to the Celtic quilt (hip hip hooray!) actually happened last weekend.  And most nights this week I have been happily hand stitching in front of the TV. 
Last night was an exception as I was whipping up some lovely slices to take and share in class today! 
Can you tell I am enjoying my new kitchen....such a blast to be able to use the Mix master in my appliance cupboard, no more bending, lifting and lugging appliances for me!

I purchased this bundle of pretties yesterday for today's class...these are for your quilt Sienna!  I hope I got the right mix of pastel pink and purple ... no little girls in this house to ask, so I had to channel my inner child from the 1970's! I rarely work with pink and my preferred purples are generally darker, but I am in love with this new palette!  The light and bright combo is making me feel happy ;-)
It was difficult to pick prints the right shade that were not too adult or too childish.  Yes I know that is a paisley print on the bottom, but it was the right shade!  So hopefully this combination will look stunning in the Stack n Wack Star Quilt class I am taking today.  I haven't been to a formal class for ages so really looking forward to picking up some new skills and seeing everyone else colour combo's and hopefully some show and tell!
Happy quilting Sue.
PS please note this NEW project is on my Wish List!! Yippee!!


  1. Could kinda see a tiny bit of the new kitchen the background there!! Are you gonna show us the whole thing? You know we're dying to see...although now I'm thinking u might be waiting for the splash back!!

  2. Love the pallette of your new project, lovely and light and fun! I'll be interested to see it put together. We think the same about binding I think - sooo satisfying to get handstitching and finish another lovely quilt!

  3. Bind, bind, bind - you can do it. That is a very pretty stack of fabric. I think they work together beautifully. Enjoy your class. I hope you will show us what you made.


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