June All Day Quilting - a quick overview

 Julie was piecing her McGuffey quilt, made with a charm pack.
 Erolyn was very busy piecing and pressing her McGuffey, because she made double the required number of blocks for a large bed size quilt.
 Brenda was working on her blue log cabin, with her lights and darks all nicely sorted.
Debbie finished quilting this bonus quilt, all the strips were left over jelly roll scraps from another quilter who "doesn't do scrap".  Debbie completed the quilt and kindly donated it to Quilts from the Heart charity quilts.
 Jonnelle was busy trying to finish the quilting on her I Spy quilt, which is due to be delivered to the lucky boy  very soon.
 Stacy did finish the quilting on her pink braid quilt, which looked great.
 Yvonne worked on her Cat in the Hat quilt.
 Shez got a lesson in handing quilting from Erolyn.
Bronwyn showed us her lovely blocks made from a jelly roll. 
Happy quilting, Sue SA.


  1. Lots going on... such fun....

  2. So much goodness. What a tough job wandering around photographing all that quilty lovliness. Thank you.

  3. Lots of lovely projects on the go. Hope you had fun.
    Cheers, Janette


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