All Day Sewing preparation

I am congratulating myself on achieving most of my To Do List today...including making some slices, from left to right, Baked Caramel Slice, Nanaimo Bar and Marshmallow Shortcake.  Of course taste testing was in order, given that I had never made the Nanaimo Bar's which were listed on Sweet P's blog and are apparently a Canadian iconic home baked treat.  Definitely a thumbs up in the taste test and bonus points for being easy, despite having to make three different layers.   I am not sure about the origins of Marshmallow Shortcake, but I found the recipe on the Sewing Attics blog, from NZ.  The kids and DH loved this treat and I will be definitely making it again.  I started out having doubts about this recipe, well actually about my cooking skills as I boiled the sugar/water/gelatin mix over onto my new stove top, creating a sticky mess.  However as per usual I was trying to do too many things at once, so only myself to multiple things at one time is a bad habit skill that I learned from my mother...but it prepared me for being a quilter (multiple UFO's!) and motherhood!  

Tomorrow is the next All Day Sewing session for my group, the After Dark Quilters.  I have been meaning to get organised for two weeks now, but last weekends flurry of visitors and a cold stopped me from setting foot in the sewing room.  So this afternoon I sliced and diced my way through the home-made layer cakes I created out of my stash, back here.

Some of our group will be joining me to make a quilt out of this book by Carrie Nelson Schnibbles times two, the pattern we chose is a  Log Cabin variation....which is on my list! Oh bliss a new project, here's hoping my purple, green and cream colour combo works out OK?!  Yes I was being stingy and using my stash rather then rushing down to the shops, but DH was interstate for work today and DS2 refuses to go to the quilt stash it was!  So cannot wait until term 3....when DS2 starts kinder!!!
I made it to the newsagent today to pick up my new copy of American Patchwork and Quilting, so I have pencil in some free time with a cuppa and some slice for Sunday.  I might need a rest from piecing!
Happy quilting, Sue SA.


  1. Oooh I am jealous that you have that Schnibbles book, it is one that I have wanted from the first time I saw it! Have a great day tomorrow!

  2. Your slices look yummy.... cooking is so messy isn't it... and it always goes all over if it is something sticky!!! Fun to use fabric from your stash... and very economical... have a great sewing day... and enjoy your magazines

  3. Have a fantastic day! Looking forward to seeing what you make. Those slices look delicious. My Mum used to make my sister a marshmellow slice. I gather the new oven is good at baking.

  4. Those cakes look wonderful. I am planning to make those bars from SP's blog next time I have a get together with a couple of friends.

    Have a great sewing day, and make sure to keep back a cake (or 2 or 3) for when you are reading your magazine.


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