Special events

This week I spent a lot of time cooking in my new kitchen, you can see in this photo I am still waiting on my splash back, which is going to be green.  I made all manner of party food, but the gingerbread men were the biggest hit!  
 Which surprised me as I thought the teddy bear racing cars would get eaten first.  Here they all are lining up to race on DS2's birthday cake.  DS1 helped me make the flags, after I failed to find the checked fabric in my stash, that I thought was left over from Liam's motorbike quilt.  I thought the kids had been so good waiting to sample the cake, but when I went to cut it up I realised that some of the smarties were missing off the side!

And although it wasn't his birthday, J (aged 4) took this quilt home, after I finally finished it.  More sneak peeks of the kitchen, yes the electrician has to come too!  

I was really pleased to finally get a finish listed, its been a few months!  Hmmm and my OPAM has completely fallen by the wayside, oh well at least I am getting through the wish list!
Happy quilting, Sue SA.


  1. Wow that cake looks awesome!!! Hope the party was a success!

  2. That cake is so cute! My boys would have devoured the gingerbread men first too!

  3. There's nothing like getting anew kitchen. You beat me though- I wouldnt cook in mine for a week after it was finally installed. I didnt want it to get dirty!

  4. Great cake! I just love the racing cars. What a fabulous idea. No sewing happening here. We have had a visitor - the 24 hour bug. Yipee! More sickness. I hope you have a great great.

  5. I meant hope you have a great week. Must be the lack of food.


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