All Day Quilting - McGuffey

 Erolyn worked on a super sized version of the quilt and was first to finish all her blocks.  The lovely scrap look was achieved with exactly that, scraps from her extensive stash of scraps!  I think she achieved a great balance of colour and light/dark.  I am looking forward to seeing it together with a border, which she is going to piece as well!
 Therese decided on a Christmas theme version and plans to embroider appropriate stitcheries in her centre blocks later.  Therese stuck with the pattern and made the suggested 36 blocks but she  used her stash of fat quarters.
I had failed to cut all the right sized pieces and had to muck around cutting extra pieces on the day, however I still managed to get all 36 blocks made on the day - despite going AWOL for 3 hours to attend a 70th afternoon tea.  Overall I love the pattern, was happy with how quick and easy it was to put together, particularly chain piecing.  I loved working on the same project as others at the same time, Julie sat next to me and she did a charm pieced version but didn't lay hers out before leaving for the day.  I will catch up with her though!  I don't like the colours I used - the cream is too much of a contrast in my opinion, but too many of my purples are the same dark tone.  Looking at the photo now I can see where I need to move a few blocks because of clashes, so that might help. This was a fun project and I hope we get to do a few more together, however next time I am going to buy a layer cake!  Now I just have to lay it all out again, shuffle them around and stitch them together...amongst other jobs!
Happy quilting Sue SA.


  1. That is so effective....I always find it a good idea to photograph and look... gives a different perspective - great stash/scrap busting project...

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  3. Sorry, a spelling error made me hit delete! You did so well to get 36 blocks done in one day. I like the lighter colours, I think it might look a bit 'flat' without them. I worked on my Swoon quilt today, big blocks so didn't get much finished.

  4. That must have been real fun working on the same pattern. They all look great. I really like the colours you used but if you don't like them maybe you can swap just a couple. Are you going to add a border?


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