The bugs are bottled!

This is my nearly finished flimsy of the Bugs in a Bottle quilt.  The free pattern came from  Bug Jar Quilt blog
Bugs in a bottle flimsy, measuring 30" x 32"
According to the pattern I haven't finished as I need to put a narrow strip of background along the bottom, to finish off that row, which I will do.  I got some really cute fabrics from Jonnelle (top middle ladybugs and bottom 2nd from left purple spiders on checks) who was happy to swap for some of my pre cut 6.5" squares of novelty fabrics for a cot quilt she wants to make.  I had lots of ladybug fabric, but none as cute as hers!
Now I just need to decide on a border, of course I don't have any bug fabric large enough to make a simple border, and I refuse to busy some, now that I have used it up out of my stash!

And there is another reason, as you can see below, I went shopping before Easter, oops!
 Cowboy fabric for a kids quilt, because I have a collection of cowboy fabrics in my novelties that need to be used up!  I thought that this was really cute as well for a boys quilt, as I love the red background.
 Dinosaurs, well just because DS1 has developed a fascination, so sooner or later I might need this!! 
 Now while I would have preferred a blue or red background, I thought this truck/digger fabric would be ideal as a backing for the novelty star quilt top I have just finished, so that is a justifiable purchase, because I need to sandwich and quilt that top...otherwise it will become a UFO!
 I only got a little bit of this fabric, I just liked it and thought I might be able to use it in, well something!
And I brought a really small amount of this one, it has an intended purpose that shall remain a secret as it is part of a present, so needs to be a surprise!
Happy quilting, Sue SA!


  1. love your bottles of bugs.... and you found some lovely fabrics... should keep you out of trouble for a while?

  2. Love the bugs Sue!! Very cool! And so is that bottom fabric, lucky person who gets that surprise!!
    Speaking of lucky, I'm feeling pretty lucky myself after picking up the chair from you today!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!! Xx

  3. Sure glad the bugs are bottled! It is looking wonderful. You sure got yourself some nice additions to your stash.
    I couldn't resist some of Moda's Urban Cowgirl fabrics. So not my normal colours but was thinking of using it a quilt where I use my nan's wool blankets for batting. I saw a blog where she did that and it looked lovely.


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