East purchases

 Easter bunny didn't deliver any eggs for me, but I did splurge on this cute charm pack, it definitely doesn't fit in with any plans I have for making new quilts, but that's OK because it was a bargain...so therefore allowed to come home with me!
A lack of chocolate also justified my purchase of this NEW handbag.  A girl cannot have too many handbags can she? ; )
I have a fetish for bags, but find the ones I make myself (as every day use handbags) don't last as the handles or bottoms wear and look ratty.  This bag has a vinyl bottom and a strap made out of seatbelt material, so they should last.  And the cute fabric, covered in clear plastic really caught my eye.  Plus the long strap lets me wear the bag with ease for those times I need both hands for kid wrangling, plus it has great pockets inside AND it sits up by its self.  Last but not least it is big enough to fit my essentials, but not so large I lug around too much, thereby hurting my shoulder/neck/back.  I brought this bag at a market, but they have a website Amante bags so take a peek, because they vary the fabrics, so you are sure to find something that appeals...just another happy customer, not being paid for this!
Happy quilting Sue.


  1. cute charm pack and I love the bag.... the fabric is lovely on it...

  2. Handbag is so gorgeous! Looks like you had a great week with some shopping and some sewing. That charm pack is going to look fantastic too.

  3. Love the bag. Must go to their website for a peek!

  4. Hi Sue
    you have been busy with all your sewing. I love that handbag too - might have to go on the wish list!

    Glad to read you enjoyed the peace while it lasted!

  5. Easter Bunny was good to you! Cute fabrics and what a bag! Great buys. That handbag looks like it will be very mum friendly.


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