Bugs, starts and some gifted treasures

What I haven't told you is that DH and the kids have been away for a few days, hence I have the house to myself!  Well I did have to work (another thing I hadn't told you) but I had a day and a half ALONE!  I started by sewing the bottom strip on the Bugs in a bottle.  And auditioned a few fabrics for borders...but I didn't like any of them.
 So then I got out all the pieces of my charm pack star quilt, the one I started in February and haven't touched since.  The idea was to have a pretty, pink quilt, but the red really jumps out, I am wondering if I should take them out?  According to the book the finished size is 32.5" x 32.5", which is way too small for my needs.  But the pattern cleverly requires you to purchase 2 charm packs of which you only use a bit of the second pack.  So I spent some time cutting and stitching until I had enough units to make the quilt larger.  The problem with this pattern is that you sew it in rows, not units so I need to be sure of the layout before I start sewing it together.  So it is still on the floor, because the family came home and I had to revert to domestic reality and go and cook some dinner.
 Today I was able to dig out the cot quit flimsy that my mother gifted to me over Easter.  You can see the fabric behind it is the same that I was auditioning for the Bugs in a Bottle....a butterfly print.  So colour and theme wise it matches perfectly with this little top.  Ironically Mum had also given me the butterfly print as she hadn't wanted it, but I hadn't found a use for it, until now!
 Mum also gave me the bit of blue that she had left over so I put a border on, which I think finished it off nicely.  Of course it was then too wide for the backing, but I managed to find a nice fabric to match and extended the backing.  That's as much as I got done, now that domestic bliss is back in full swing!
 My mother also gifted me these three big rectangle wonky blocks, I folded them in half so I could show them all together.  I think they will make a nice table runner.  The table the blocks are on came from the folks as well, so a new table runner is appropriate.
 I visited my friend Lisa over Easter.  She gifted me with these cute panels - she was given them by another quilty friend, Kaye.  There are lots of different designs, plenty to make a childs large lap quilt.  I will have to play with them awhile to work out how to incorporate the small blocks with the larger ones.
 We had a really social Easter and caught up with another friend of mine, Chris, who gifted me this ant print!  I am now auditioning it as a border for the Bugs in the bottle top.  Still contemplating how I can make the top bigger without buying more fabric!  Mainly because I found a perfect blue star print for the back of my novelty star quilt...and it was already in my stash....so the digger backing I brought is now surplus to requirements! Well I am sure I will think of something, just not straight away!
 That then made me determined to get out my cowboy fabric and see how it went with the backing print I brought.  And it does match nicely, except there isn't enough to make a cot quilt! : (  I was sure I had cow and horse fabric, but couldn't find any fat quarters, but think they have been reduced to 6.5" squares, from when I was cutting novelty fabric up last year.  I now have a lovely mess in the sewing room, but at least I have made some progress and certainly enjoyed myself!
Happy quilting, Sue SA.


  1. I bet that day and a half just flew!!! Looks like you got a fair bit done, as we do when we're all alone with no interuptions!! :)

  2. Very nice gifts! I made my son a quilt with the transport panel. Not sure I ever posted about it as it was a me design and I didn't think it was very interesting but son loves it. It turned out massive but it is fabulous in winter as it hangs to the floor (on both sides) and its very hard for him to kick it off. I love your charm squares quilt. So very pretty. We are back from our little holiday and yeah 'domestic bliss' reigns.


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