Some of the action from February...

 I belong to the After Dark Quilters and we had an "all day" quilting session in February.  I forgot the camera and roughly worked out (with lots of help) how to use my phone camera, but its taken me this long to work out how to down load the pictures.
 The two photos above are the result of Julie's challenge with her sister, she was finishing these cute Easter mats.  Apologies for the top picture being a bit blurry.  I think that was my first picture.  I also managed to capture some video of Julie showing me these mats...all accidental, never leave me in charge of technology!
 Stacy quilted this cute nine patch...hmm just realised that I had been lusting after a print in this range, thought it might make a good border for the bugs in the bottle quilt!
 Jonnelle showed us her completed I spy quilt top.  Can you see the gorgeous open prairie point flaps, so the child can peek at the picture under them, what a great idea!  Jonnelle collected lots of novelty fabric for this quilt and she kindly did a little swap with me when I ran out of bug fabrics. I think she is well and truly addicted now, to patchwork and novelty prints!
I love this shot, its the discarded completed (inside out) humbug bags at Heathers feet...she was inserting zips like a demon!
And to think its time again, we have another all day quilting scheduled for Saturday, this time I will take the real camera and remember to get around and see what everyone is making, happy quilting, Sue SA.


  1. Wow, looks like you all got a lot done! Have a fun day on Saturday!!

  2. Cute I-spy, and I love Easter decorating! Hope you get lots done on Saturday. It's so fun to have a day with other sewists!

  3. Enjoy your day out. Love the eye spy quilt with the windows. You can just imagine a child's delight at opening them to see what is behind.


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