Charm pack star quilt in progress

I have been working on the Charm pack star quilt top.  I laid the stars and four patch out in order and then started stitching.  This is what it looked like after three days laid out in the doorway to my sewing room.  The boys know not to step on the quilt, despite the fact their mother put it in a stupid place!  However all the energetic kangaroo/rabbit jumping/hopping around/over the top lead to a certain level of displacement... beggars cannot be was a dumb place to lay out!
There were lots of interruptions with small people requiring food, negotiations between small people who required the same toy and other domestic duties.  So far though, so good.  And I was sufficiently focused to remember where I had housed the flannel sheet that makes up my design had been put away while we had visitors.
Now that I am at the end though I am totally stumped as to what to do for the border.  I have to say that the finished quilt (in the book) is 32" square.  I thought I would be smart and make another row, because I want it to be a lap size quilt.  I DID NOT spread out 32" of the tape measure on my lap to realise that is WAY too small.  The charm pack I used had lots of cream prints in it, which I cannot use, so the final border of piano keys isn't an option unless I buy another charm pack. : (   So just going to put my thinking hat on as to what to do for borders.  I think I am doomed to another trip to purchase more fabric...just have to decide if I am going to buy a charm pack or some yardage.....its a hard life!

School holidays are a bit tricky when it comes to sewing.  So I decided that a bit of cutting in the family room, while supervising children was a good idea.  However I got a bit carried away.  I was inspired by a fellow blogger who stated she pre cuts and kits up quilt tops, so that when she finishes work she can just start piecing...I had never thought to do that...mainly because the cutting is my least favourite part of quilting. As you can see I have cut 10" squares (above) from the blue, pink/purple and green draws.  These I hope to make into a Delectable Mountain quilt.
As most of my stash is fat quarters, there was a limit to how many 10" squares I could cut.  So the left overs were cut into 5" squares, 2.5" strips and rest when into my string box.  The string box is over flowing and the 2.5" box is close to full.  As you can see I cut LOTS of 5" squares, these are just the purple, pink and green squares I cut.  I would like to make another Lil Twister quilt, so these will be ideal.  The 2.5" strips will become log cabins and a scrappy 9 patch quilt and the strings are bound for another (yet to be determined) Bonnie Hunter project, as she makes such fun patterns for strings/scraps.
Happy quilting, Sue SA.


  1. I often lay out quilts in my lounge room. Surprisingly it is my older cat who likes to roll in the blocks and make a huge mess, the young cat isn't interested, yet he is the one who usually plays with anything he can find. Your blocks are looking good, 32" is a crazy size isn't it, maybe a table centre (for a largish table)? And I see the Cape Ann charms are still on your mind!

  2. the stars look just lovely..... I'm sure you will come up with a great border idea... you are being very well organised with all your squares... like home make layer cakes and charm packs...

  3. That's a lot of cutting, but think how great it'll be when you start something new.

  4. Love the is great when kids jump over your projects...well trained!

  5. Bonnie Hunter is a quilting dynamo! I love her 'leaders and enders' concept.
    Its a shame about the charm squares quilt. Maybe take it along to the shops and you might see something that will work.
    Good job doing all that cutting. I start motivated but it quickly wanes. I don't enjoy the cutting process that mauch either.


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