All in a hard days work!

The colour isn't the best in this picture, but I got this great navy print with red and blue stars on it yesterday and sewed the final border on my version of Bonnie Hunters Story Time Stars this morning...while I was still in my PJ's!  LOL there is nothing like waking up with lots of sewing enthusiasm.
Bonnie Hunters Story-Time Stars pattern - my way!
 Then after reading a blog recently that talked about going with your motivation (rather then finishing UFOs) I talked myself into starting a new quilt!  This pattern came from Bug Jar Blog and is free, no connection to me, but to be fair to the blog owner she is trying to sell kits of insect fabric.  I have been collecting bug fabric, specifically ladybird prints for along time, although I haven't added any new of late.  So I decided that I had better make use of them now!   Like right now!  Well I did go and have my shower and get dressed first!
Bugs in a Jar quilt
I got all the novelty fabric out of the box and then realised I didn't have twenty different insect prints...I am hoping to beg, borrow or swap some with my quilting friends this week...but as you can see I already resorted to frogs, goldfish and mice in bottles!  I would have really loved some tadpoles, but alas I have never seen tadpole fabric!  So just a bit more background fabric to cut out, a bit more sewing and this top is nearly done!  Oh and a warning - this is my March Project.  I know your wondering what March has to do with bugs, well the ants have been going crazy here and I cannot put the washing out without them crawling up my leg!  A tenuous connection, but there you have it, I am up for cheating in my own challenge!
Happy quilting, Sue 


  1. Well you're really on a roll Sue!! Keep it up!!

  2. Love your stars and the bug jars really appeal to me.... such fun

  3. The bugs/ other amimals in the bottles look great. Cant wait to see it finished! But, just how is it going to fit into your wish list? Is it the Kids quilt! Happy Sewing

  4. The border fabric is a wonderful fit. I have always loved the bug jar quilt pattern. I could have given you the cockroach that fell on my foot the other morning. What a heart starter that was! Needless to say it is in cockroach heaven (?) now. i can still remember the sound it made when it landed on my foot and the feel as it scurried off my foot.

  5. I'm a bit on the late side here...but I do have some black ants on a red background you could have if you wanted. Looking at the rest if your bottles, it's probably not pretty enough, but if you want it and I can find it, it's yours.


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