Bags galore

 Recently DS1 has become fixated on going to visit his grandparents and both sets live interstate.  Our next scheduled visit is not until Christmas time, so in the interim I have made him this backpack, as both a distraction and also to carry his special things in.  DS1 collection of special things has blown out in recently times, to the point that they had to reside in an old nappy box, so this bag is rather large for a backpack, eg bigger then his back!  The vehicles are from a Kellie Wulfsohn quilt pattern - Peak Hour, which was published in the magazine Homespun No 85. Vol 11.6. 

My quilting friend Stacy showed me how to make these bags, using 50 cm of vinyl/pastic coated fabric from Hetties Patch.  I loved the ones Stacy had made her nieces (Christmas gifts with the intention of them being swimming bags) especially the cherry fabric.  So I had to make some for myself, particulary as DS2 started swimming lessons this week.  I thought that he could have the oranges and I could have the cherries, but they are sufficently large enough to hold both our towels, togs and associated stuff.  Still I think that I will go back and buy some more fabric to make one for Mum (she tries to swim laps regulary to excerise her hip) as I love these too much to share!  And the best part is they only took an hour or so to make!  Thanks Stacy! 


  1. Fabulous backpack! I imagine those vehicles are a hit. My son won't let me throw out anything. I have to get sneaky. But then he will remember. Its like he has every single thing catalogued in his head. Your vinyl bags will be so useful. Love the cheey fabric on the aqua.

  2. Love those bags and i will check out that fabric as I have Gkids learning to swim and they would make great gifts.

  3. The backpach is great and my GS would love one, so lucky he doesn`t visit your blog. The bags look great.


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