Quickest quilt ever and rescued UFO's

Do you remember the flannel fabric I showed you on Oct 5th I brought for my best friend?  Well here they are! 

When my BF admired my flannel quilt I offered to make her one, based on the colour she liked, terracotta.  Luckily she also liked the pattern, as it is a really quick and easy one.  The thing I like least about patchwork is the cutting, and in this quilt you cut it all out first.  However I found it easy to do with this pattern as you have 12 different fabrics, so I just cut one or two up a day, in between my preferred tasks.  Then before I knew it I had all the blocks together, enabling me to put all together yesterday at my groups "all day sewing" class.  I am very happy with it now its all together.  I am sending the top off for long arm quilting by Vicki Jenkins who had previously kindly donated the quilting on the Kinder I spy quilt.    I brought the backing and binding this morning, so its all ready to go.

Here is a  shot of the Courthouse Steps table runner now gracing our sideboard.  It is very fitting that they live together, as the sideboard was rescued out of my grandparents garage, after they had both passed away.  Where it came from originally I am not sure, but it was missing its "back"- the piece that would have held a mirror, not to mention the water damaged top, the fact it had no legs and needed stripping back.  I brought some reclaimed Oak only to find that there are about four different types of wood used in its construction.  My father (who wasn't a wood turner then) found a local wood turner and traded the job of making legs by giving him a few burls.  A burl is one of those round growths on the side of tree trunks, bit like a oval pimple covered in bark.  Burls make really nice bowls if your a wood turner.  And then after many years of living in my parents garage, my father stripped it back for me and I paid a professional to french polish it.  So there is a happy ending for both of these rescued pieces. 
Happy quilting Sue SA.


  1. That looks like a vey cosy flannel quilt. The sideboard looks so good with the table runner on it. What a lovely rich history it has.

  2. The quilt looks great and what a lovely story about the sideboard.

  3. love the pattern for the quilt Sue - which one is it?


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