Something old and something new

This my completed version of Millies Flower Garden, I have used "jewel" tone fabrics, rather then the 1930's prints that I originally saw it completed in.  The only really change I made was  adding the four patch corner stones because I ran out of border fabric (it was from my stash) but I think it looks better for it.  I am really pleased to have completed this project at last, so THANK YOU Kylie for giving me the encouragement!  I must say this is also the first time I have sewn down the binding, hanging sleeve and the label all in the one sitting and that felt great! 

 Hot on the heels of having a "finish" I decided to throw caution to the wind and purchase some flannels for a quilt for my best friend's birthday.  Last time my BF visited (she lives in Victoria) she admired the flannel quilt that lives on the back of DH arm chair, in particular the terracotta sashing.  So I brought 10 different flannels of which she OKed 8, to make her a large lap quilt.  Not being a quilter, but the daughter of a quilter, she had some idea about patterns, but declined an offer to choose one, rather happy for me to use the same pattern as the one owned by me - you can see it in the picture.   This pattern is called "Take 12 Fat Quarters Quilt or Quillo" and was designed by Deb Thompson of the Old German Quilthouse in Geelong (Vic) - which has closed down.  So I just need to buy four more fat quarters (or 30 cm strips in my case) and I can start this quick and easy quilt.  Yes I know I wasn't going to start anything new, but my BF has known me more then 20 years and NEVER even hinted for a quilt so I figure she deserves one sooner rather then later. 
This is a poor quality photo (the colours are not this dark) of a quilt I made with my mother, for my grandmother (my mothers mother) about eight years ago.  I had been quilting for a few years but my mother was fairly new to patchwork when I proposed this quilt.  So we made half the blocks each, but to ensure uniform sized blocks we used paper foundation papers from the Quilters Barn (Vic).  The idea was to use up pink and green fabric from our own stashes so the quilt matched the colours of my grandmothers lounge room.  My grandmother passed away in early September, aged 95 and my mother now has the quilt.  I am glad we made the quilt but I regret that we didn't make it in her favorite colour - turquoise.  My grandmother was a very creative lady and made me the most wonderful outfits for my barbie dolls.  I had Grandma's precious Bernina sewing machine up until last yeary and I was delighted to pass it onto my cousin (the only other granddaughter and youngest grandchild) who is also very creative and is pursing a career in the fashion industry .   
This quilt was made by my mother and is an original design, that came about from participating in a groups challenge.  The decision (by their group coordinator)  to make a row quilt (with different instructions each month) was a good one as it made the maths a bit easier.  I love this quilt (although I am not a Kaffe Fasset fabric fan) and in particular the colourful braid borders.  I think this type of challenge is a very good way to learn new skills and extend yourself as a quilter.  So after a nice long weekend with my family I need to get back to the grind stone and see if I can squeeze some more quilting in this week while DS is home on school, or in our case kinder holidays. 



  1. Your flower garden quilt is gorgeous! Bet it feels good to cross off a finish. The quilt you made your grandmother is just lovely. I think I have that pattern (somewhere). How talented is your Mum. Its a great quilt. Off to swimming lessons now but I gotta tell you its going to be a challenge seeing as it looks like its going to rain and the temp has dropped a few degrees. Bribery maybe required. I am thinking a sausage roll will work. Hope so anyway.

  2. i love your millies Garden quilt and the one from your mum is great and i must try to get our group to do something similar.


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