Courthouse Steps and Harvest Table Runner's

  I made an attempt at trying to show you a close up of my quilting on the Courthouse steps table runner.  I free motioned a figure eight twice, one inside the other vertically and then again horizontally.   I think they turned out OK, certainly all good practise anyway.  I used monofilament thread, which looked so much better then cream and of course was the perfect answer for the dark blocks.  I did take some photos of the finished product, but don't seem to be able to find them at the moment.  Anyway its finished, label and all and on my sideboard, looking good!
 This is the Harvest table runner also completed.  I never did go back and add the extra quilting on the inside of the fruit.  I know I probably should but the monofilament thread is off the machine now, so perhaps next time I load it up!  This table runner hasn't made it onto the table yet, as I have decided that I want to be a bit precious about it.  DS1 is too fond oftexta's and drawing at the table, so I might just bring it out for special occasions.  I did have a request for a close up of the quilting, again its hard to take pictures that show quilting to their advantage, but I tried!

And lastly but not least, below are the seven Celtic applique blocks (large approx 20 inches) that my friend Bea started.  I am not sure when Bea commenced working on this quilt, but I do recall her telling me about them.  I use to give Bea a lift to quilt guild meetings and charity quilting meetings when I lived in Sydney.  We kept up correspondence when I moved to Adelaide, however it was not frequent.  I was really sad to learn that Bea had passed away in June after a short illness, in her late 80's.  Her daughter then asked me if I would finish the quilt for her and posted down all the pieces.  I am yet to start work on it, but I do enjoy seeing it in my sewing room as it reminds me of Bea.  I am a bit daunted by the task, but I do enjoy hand applique and want to honor my friendship with Bea, who was a lovely lady, so I will give it my best shot. 
Happy quilting Sue SA.

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  1. Your quilting looks really good. have you worked out your sewing machine now? The harvest table runner is just so gorgeous. I totally understand why its not on your table. Are you following a pattern for the celtic blocks? I havenever tackled celtic blocks before. You will do a wonderful job.


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