All in hard days work

 Thursday night I went to the quilters guild meeting and borrowed this book from the library, as I needed to make a girls cot quilt.  AND then I was lucky enough to win four fat quarters that were just perfect to start my project!  But that's not all, as I was leaving, a lady from my group (thank you Julie!) introduced me to two of my blog followers, Dawn and Jude - which was a lovely surprise, so it was a great night out! 

OK so I shouldn't really be starting any more quilts, but with a pattern and fabric in hand it was all too tempting!  I  had to dig through my novelty collection to find some bright prints that would complement the pink and green.  Now I wouldn't normally use bugs for a girls quilt, but they were all so cute, and with two boys I don't have any real girly fabric in my stash.   So I was able to use the pink, green and white polka dot fabric that I won.  But I needed more yardage for the sashing, so back in the stash and came up with this yellow dot fabric.  Bit out there isn't it!  Anyway so that was this mornings work. 

This afternoon I just "whipped up" this single Irish chain.... yeah I know I am NOT suppose to be starting new quilts, but all that digging in my stash unearthed ever better "girl" fabric.  Besides with two friends due to have babies soon (one is over due) and lots of girls already in the family I figured that two cot quilts was better then one!  Mind you not sure when I am going to quilt them, but that's another issue.  Oh and I am going to put a border on the green/pink quilt, just that DS2 woke up before I could cut more fabric.  So besides sewing today, I also made some muffins with DS1 and applied the second coat of oil on our outdoor table - ready for alfresco dining now!  Today DH was also  very busy, but doing some proper "heavy" work, paving... here is DS1 hard at work ... good little worker isn't he!
 Happy quilting Sue SA.


  1. Boy you have been busy! Great results. Its so hard to resist when you get the bug to start another project isn't it? It really just comes down to variety (well that's what I tell myself in other words justify starting something elese). Hope you are having a great weekend. how good in the aussie dollar!!!! Go you good thing.

  2. It's cool when everything falls into place like that! Love your table. I have an identical one here waiting for me to do the job you have done!


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