Quilts from the Heart

 All of a sudden November has come and gone and December is here.  I didn't mean to leave it so long between posts but we have been reasonably busy over the last month. 

 I completed my BF quilt and another cot quilt (girl), both of which were presented to their new owners during November.  I took photos of the completed projects on my mothers digital camera but couldn't them to download onto her PC.  I am hopeful that I can rectify this problem, but you will have to wait until we next visit! 

Also in November I attended the Festival of Quilts, at the Adelaide showgrounds.  I had entered DS2 quilt but it wasn't eligible to be judged as a large portion was from a kit.  I enjoyed looking at all the quilts and got an extra good look at one section while I spent two hours as white glove volunteer.  I caught up with some friends and did a little retail therapy, of course! 

I knew Christmas was fast approaching so I decided to make a late decision to make Santa sacks for my two son's, from a Millamac pattern I brought earlier in the year.  However I haven't taken photos of them yet, just sewed in the last stitches before attending the Guild meeting last Thursday night!

I thought I would treat you with pictures of some of the 20+ quilts I photographed last week, from the charity quilting group I belong to, Quilts from the Heart.  There are seven other ladies in the group, most of whom would not call themselves quilters.  However they are very good at making quilt tops, then our teacher, Elaine Kennedy, of Pine Grove Quilting quilts them all on her long arm machine.  All our fabrics are donated (and most of it isn't proper patchwork fabric) and I spend a bit of time trying to keep it sorted, so I can find borders and backings as required.  Not to mention that all important extra 3" that matches so a top can be finished!     

 I have just realised that most of these pictures are of the string pieced quilts, which wasn't intentional, just happened to be the first ones I photographed.  The string piecing technique has been a big hit with Ann, who was making two tops a week at home!

I don't think that the camera/being photographed inside does the colours any justice, but you can see that there has been a move from scrappy strings to colour coordinated - a fantastic effort when you are dealing with left overs! 

Happy quilting, Sue!

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  1. I agree where did November go??? You have done a marvellous job with the donated fabric. I think the string block is perfect for your different size scraps. They will be treasured.


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