Hot glue rocks

Just sneaking in a "finish". I dug the hot glue gun out and glued the hot pink braid around my applique roll, and it looks great. That set off a roll and I glued up the kids board books (broken spine), a magnet on a train and a broken tail off an aeroplane. These were all things that the cheap super glue had failed on. So then I got cheeky and tried to glue the cutter back onto my Sew Easy ruler with built in cutter, but it didnt work. So am I still disappointed about not being able to use this piece of equipment, especially as I was hoping to start cutting strips for a log cabin and this was to be my time saving tool. Guess its down to my very clever "try to fix anything, cos I'm a farmer" Dad! Now how to persued him to drive a 10 hour round trip, with glue in hand?

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