Luca's and Rail fence quilts finished

I started this rail fence quilt top about three years ago (pre sewing room), then late last year I finally completed the rest of the quilting (I had run out of hot pink thread). At Christmas time I took it away with me, intending to hand sew the binding down. Well I had one side left to do and I left it at my parents, as the car was packed to capacity. So on my last trip home I finally sewed down the last of the binding. I hadnt been in a hurry because nobody was having a baby, but now we have a few friends expecting again, so they are in luck - so long as they have a girl!

I forgot that I hadnt shown you a completed picture of Luca's Attic windows. Mum completed the last bit of stippling on it for me. I did all the borders and three of the "windows", plus stitched all the ditches, but ran out of complimentary threads. Plus I wanted a bit of a lesson on trying to get my stippling a bit looser and larger. I am still having issues with tension, but decided I will only resolve that with a class, so I am now on the look out for some close by.

So while we are on the subject of "finishes", this is a photo of the doll carrier and quilt. Do you think I can rate it a finish if I dont hand sew the underneath binding down?

A big thank you Karen, it was fun (despite the binding, my fault for using heavy duty interfacing!) and Mr3yr + Puppy and Peachy like it just fine! And now that I think about it, DH hasnt said one word about his son carting around a pink doll carrier with his bedtime soft toys in it! Even though they all ended up in our bed this afternoon, plus every quilt, pillow and cushion the darling boy could find... all to help Mummy have a nice "sleep"... the things I do in the name of motherhood! In fact I have gotten very good at pretending to sleep, wonder if it will ever count on my resume when I want to get a paying job?

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  1. Hey Sue the dolly carrier is very cute. I cheated and didn't do the frill. At least your son carries his own toys. My son now has somehting like 6 he takes to bed with him and gives them to us to carry upstairs as he can't carry them all. He stopped taking anything for a while but since I made him a 'Flat Ned' and 'Zettie' he is back to having friends sleep over.


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