Sewing machine pixies

This is what I wish my life consisted of; having cups of tea (and sewing) while the kids are in bed! I am missing my weekly sewing sessions with another Mum, however she is working more(eg paid work) and hence has less sewing time. On the other hand I should have more sewing time, as the kids are just that bit older and starting to play together/self entertain. However seem to being achieving very little at present.
I have spent some time sewing sheets, mattresses, pillows, pillow cases and quilt tops for the local occasional care centre's dolls corner. I just have to make one more pillow and quilt the quilt tops. I would like to say that they are cute doll quilts, but in reality my scrap bin produced two bright/loud quilts and one pastel. The staff assure me the kids will love them, we will see.
I have unpicked and resewn some of the $5 Court house steps, so it is one row thinner and 2 blocks longer. This makes the top a generous table runner / table cloth for my sideboard and will hopefully protect the french polished surface. I coupld have had this and one cot quilt and the 3 dolls bed tops pinned if I had remembered to buy wadding before I went to quilting last week! Oh well, perhaps next fortnight.
I am keen for some machine quilting lessons, but dont seem to be able to find a class. So decided I would try and get some practise in at home instead. However this effort has been thwarted. Despite sucessfully piecing yesterday the nasty sewing machine pixies have been playing with my machine and the tension is (#*$&#(*(!!! I was trying to quilt a nappy wallet (my own design), one of the occasional care staff put an order in for. However the top tension is out and I cannot seem to fix it, well I tried but my temper got the better of me and Mr20mths needed a nap. So posting a blog seemed like a better idea (and cuppa + TimTam). I might tackle this problem tommorow, we have a 2nd birthday party to attend to this afternoon and I think I had better do some housework to work off the TimTam and my bad temper before I socialise!
May your machine tension be perfect and your points all sharp, happy quilting, Sue!

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  1. Hi Sue,
    I saw your comment on Leannes blog. And you have 2 small's too, so I thought I'd take a look!
    You sound just like me! My boys are 20mths and 4yrs.
    Cheers Jessica


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