I spy charity quilt

Not that long ago in the heat I cut out 2 x 6 1/2" squares from every bit of animal fabric in my stash. When I exhausted my stash I called on my fellow Wednesday night patchworkers and they donated me sufficient squares to make a single bed size quilt, seen pictured here. Well it was close, I did have to dip into the fat 1/8s I was saving for my son's bug in a bottle quilt (will make one day!). Anyrate I have tried to take a good picture of it at home, but I didnt have the space to lay it out. Luckily I had taken it to Mum's place (for show and tell), as she has rigged up (well Dad did) old flannel sheet, two cup hooks and a old curtain rail - to make a design wall in her sewing room. Ignore the bit of blue fabric on the side, that was being auditioned for one of Mum's quilts, which I forgot to take a photo of. Mum also kindly donated a large length of fabric, which I can use to piece a backing for this quilt. Last year a family member kindly donated some wadding, which came from his workplace - he assured me that it was the leftovers from a customer order. Anyway I gave half to Mum and gave the rest to my Thursday craft group, where I help a small team of ladies make quilts for charity. Our fearless leader has a long arm quilting machine which she uses to quilt up all the tops we make, for free! As we rely on donations of fabric the only thing we have to buy is wadding, so it went to a good cause. Didnt think anything more about it until Mum offered me back her share. "YEH!" I thought I could use it for my charity quilt, however Mum tells me that the wadding pill's badly and it is very loftly..thick or perhaps "fluffly" is a better description. Anyrate not having sewn with it before I was wondering if anyone in blog land could offer me some advice as the best way to quilt with this type of wadding on a domestic machine? I am hoping to give this quilt away to a child (going to let my Wed friends decide on a charity) so i want it to also survive regular machine washes.


  1. Looks great. I made an eye-spy quilt for Gabe and we had lots of fun finding different colours, shapes and things on it. So I've no doubt whoever the recipient is, they will love it. Sorry but I don't have any idea how to quilt with that wadding. They say the best was and wear quilting pattern is the stipple (not too dense). Do you think it will be up to lots of washing though? Some of those waddings can disappear after a couple of washes.

  2. I like your Eyespy quilt and it is different to the ones I make. thanks for commenting on my blog and I will now become a followerto so I can continue to see what you create. I trolled through your UFO list and it made me chuckle, several of the girls in our sewing group have just made up our lists..mine has 32 and although some I am working on will take time to finish I have decided to get to them and finish at least 1 a month. Be visiting again soon.

  3. Hi Sue, I found you! We live just around the corner from a fabric place that has patchwork classes, but I've never had a chance to go and with two kids now...well...probably won't get the chance for a while. Andrew got the thumbs down today, no funding for additional staff and no support from his manager to push the issue.



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