Pumpkin and black mini in progress

After months of making charity quilts I recently made a mini quilt from the Quilts and More magazine, which then inspired me to make another.  This pattern is called Nine Patch Checkerboard (22'x22") from the Jo Morton book Little Favourites.  The pattern in mini quilt books are not always true scaled down miniatures, but this one uses 1.5" squares, and that was sufficient challenge for me at the time!
I figured it would be "easy" because there were mainly squares v triangles...however trying to square up the block was a bit dicey.  I definitely need a new small ruler with more 1/8" lines marked all along the ruler.
I also struggled to find much variety in my black fabric.  In the end the final block uses two different scraps of black fabric, in order to get enough to make a block!  As some of the fabrics are quite colourful and busy I ended up ordering a larger piece of black from Elm Grove Patchwork for the borders.  I found that I have a substantial collection of pumpkin and cheddar fabrics, so really had fun auditioning the different prints for the tiny border.  
My birthday plant from last year has a new flower and a second one down closer to the base about to come out.  I think this is a peace lily, but no matter what it is, I just adore the colour of that flower!
Happy quilting Sue.


  1. Your little quilt is so cute, and yes, that flower is gorgeous!

  2. Despite just being squares and triangles this is not an easy block. You did a great job and the black and orange is perfect for fall.

  3. Your mini quilt is terrific!

    The flower is lovely, too. I haven't seen one with the purple spadix like that. It is gorgeous.

  4. Be still my heart! A mini in cheddar/pumpkin and black will get me every time. This is beyond cute! Love it.
    Your lily is gorgeous--haven't seen one that color before.


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