Falling charms finished in red and Spider-man!

Another one of my kids charity kit quilts that someone else sewed up.  There is a small mistake in the pattern in one corner, but its such a lovely quilt that I am sure nobody will mind.  
I had no hand in making this fabulous Spider man quilt, but wanted to show you how easy and fun kids quilts can be with a bit of homespun and a panel.  I have no idea why I need to convince you, because its me with the panel collection!! LOL I will get around to them one day!

This was a kit from my stash (still regretting the dark purple strip) using a pastel pink background and backing donated from my mothers stash, sewn by a member of our quilting group Pam, then quilted and bound by another member Denise.  I am very pleased by the result, but not this photo - it was a very dark cold winters day and the colours are not this dark.
Quilt photos are very rare at my place now as the pile of charity quilts to finish dwindles and my own sewing output is nearly zero.  I am enjoying my new job, but just not enough hours in the day to do any sewing as well.  Weekends yields a little free time that I have ended to spend in the garden when the weather was nice - I am blaming being cooped up inside non stop!
Happy quilting Sue


  1. Three beautiful quilts that will be loved by the recipients.

    I'm glad you are enjoying your new job.

  2. All of these quilts are lovely. I too am sure they will be loved by the recipients. I hope you get more time to get into the sewing room soon, but time spent in the garden is therapeutic too.

  3. 3 very simple quilts, but so effective, well done, glad you are enjoying the job, perhaps you will get back to some sewing in time

  4. New chapters equal new obligations, but dispite your new job, etc. you still have provided 3 sweet quilts for someone. Great job.

  5. Three great quilts.
    It is hard when life takes away our creative therapy. I hope you can squeeze in enough here and there to stay sane!


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