Two bags, two bears paws and some retail therapy

I made this bag twice.  I cut it out, sewed most of it together and it would not work.  Much swearing and despair later I gave up.  A friends advise was to make the small version first, so I did and it worked.  Much sewing of incorrectly cut pieces later I got the large version finished.  Its shallow but wide, so great for carrying fabric bundles or even a large quilt.  Disappointingly I have used a lot of very expensive fabric to make this bag, so learned my lesson, always make the smallest version in scrap first!
Small bag was gifted to a nephew who is one and just at that age that carrying things around, hiding things etc are fun.
On the making front I also completed two blocks for donating to a lady who was making teenage boy quilts.  I used some striped fabric I had picked up from a online destash.
I brought a large collection of reproduction fabrics online from a destash also, but dont have a picture. Hubby didnt say a word, but he must have wondered because the bag was super heavy, as I got meters and meters, mainly $10 p/m, so bargain prices!  Most of them were either backgrounds or backings.
This collection I purchased from Periwinkle Patchwork, over the phone with some help of a few photos emailed.  I want to make another chevron quilt, after the easy success of the tennis quilt, but this time a smaller HST, because it is a cot quilt. I am not sure if rabbits go with sea creatures, but its all cute, so that is good enough for me!
Happy quilting Sue


  1. Glad you finally were able to get the bag together. There are good pattern writers and some that aren't. It's always fun to add to the stash. Sounds like you already have plans. Hope the new job is going well.

  2. Looks like some fun fabric purchases! Too bad about the wasted bag fabric though.

  3. Smart idea to always make the smaller bag first. You get an extra bag in the bargain.
    I remember once a pattern designer said she always tests a block in Christmas fabrics. After making enough quilts to accumulate 12 or more Christmas fabric test blocks, she had a holiday sampler quilt, too.

  4. Your bags look great, regardless of the trouble you had, and that striped fabric looks interesting in that block.


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