Some super cute kids quilts I didnt make

I had scheduled two workshops to make kids charity quilts earlier in the year and they both had to be cancelled because of COVID19.  I had worked hard cutting up my scraps and making kits so people just had to turn up ready to sew.  This made it easy to distribute some kits to people who were looking for projects during the COVID19 Stay at Home" weeks.  Jan Hopper made this kit which is a scaled down version of the pattern Meet me in the Middle.  I had purchased the light blue as a background especially as I am sick of white or tan!  The pattern just uses 2.5" strips and some yardage for background, so a great scrap buster and perfect kids quilt in my opinion.
These novelty fabrics are definitely left overs squares from my stash, but I only included the multi coloured star border print not the yellow sashing or binding in the kit. So pleased Jan Hopper added the yellow sashing, it just makes this quilt sing!  
I have found it really exciting to get these quilts back and see the finished product.  I have also been getting tops back from various people and I have one friend Denise that is  happy to quilt them which is a big relief.  I have started a six month work contract, so full time work and a two hour daily commute does not allow much time to do my household chores let alone quilt.  I am more than happy to bind after Denise quilts, so we are both happy!
I am not keeping up with blog reading,  but with other peoples sewing to show off, hopefully I can keep up posting on my blog for a bit longer.  
Happy quilting Sue.


  1. The top one looks great - a terrific scrap using design! I'm tempted to try it - or add it to the list of things to try some day.

  2. I really like your choice of the blue background--and Jan's addition of the yellow sashing.
    Sounds like your days are full to the brim!

  3. Love that top one, would be a great use of strips in my drawer


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