Mini quilts and summer fruits

Summer stone fruits are much loved in our house, but at the end of summer I am a bit over having to deal with them.  This year we only 
 had a handful of apricots and nectarines on the trees, so I was really pleased we got lots of blood plums. 
However I was given lots of tomatoes, so I  made tomato sauce, then a friend gave me figs that got made into jam.  So I decided that plum paste would be nice instead.  Well the first batch was a fail, so that was turned into plum jam.  This batch was successful and is now setting as plum paste.  But my kitchen looks like I killed a purple people eater, with stains on the floor, bench tops and I keep unearthing sticky spots every time I clean!  
This poor forgotten mini has been waiting months for me to sew two hanging corners on the back!  Now it just needs to find a spot to hang.  These are all blocks I made from Temecula Quilt Company free patterns.  I made a version in red and pink that has been completed for ages, so it was nice to get this one finished.
This is a much loved Australian native bottle brush flower,  starting to bloom, that I only planted last autumn.  These bushes do really well in our sandy soil, but previous owners only planted a red variety and this one is distinctly pink or salmon coloured.  

Janet from Rogue Quilter made a Tree of life mini using just one block, in plaids.  It was darling and it inspired me to start sewing something for myself, so I made this block (6" ), but cannot decide if I am having a "dirt" triangle at the base of my tree of life or not. 

What do you think?
I am making four blocks, just one block completed and without a pattern the trunk took a bit of mucking around to work out the right dimensions.  Now I am happy I think I will ditch the directional print! The HST finish at 3/4" and I am really pleased with them. 
Happy quilting Sue.


  1. You definitely should be proud of those 3/4" HST's! Beautiful work! Directional prints give me trouble sometimes too, but I do rather like the tree trunk and dirt there. ---"Love"

  2. Sorry; I hit publish too soon. My daddy had several fig trees, and Mother made fig preserves every year for us. I just love them! Wish I had some right now! ---"Lpve"

  3. The plum jam looks delicious and very purple. Those tiny hst's are very tricky when they're so small. I like the tree grounded.

  4. I have never heard of plum paste. How does it differ from the jam?
    Your little Temecula blocks look very cute in that setting. I am trying to remember your red and pink one. That sounds perfect for a little Valentine decor. :)
    Your tiny Tree of Life looks excellent, Sue! I had to go back and look at how I did my "ground" on my little tree. I was replicating a picture shared with me from Pinterest, and it was a little different at the bottom--I remember struggling to figure it out. I think I prefer the brown triangle on the bottom here. Helps balance the weight of the tree at the top, IMHO. Good Job!

  5. That's a pretty coloured bottlebrush.

    I always love your mini quilts.

  6. love the little tree...

  7. Those blocks are tiny! Cute little tree


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