Falling charms done and dusted

Falling Charms (pattern by Missouri Star Quilt Co.) is finished!  I had a great sassy hot pink chevron for the back which was sublimented by a little bit of solid hot pink.  The binding was another hot pink chevron - which I think just sums up that the world is very up and down right now!
The other quilt I pinned last week is 75% quilted (no pictures) but I ran out of thread and not sourced any more yet.  Simply choose to get distracted by other projects!
Not the best photo, but an overall photo of progress to date.  I have made the orange, pink and light blue plates and sewed them down.  Just prepping more leaves and cherries while watching news which is dominated by COVID 19 restrictions.  Finally sounds like we are going to close more and more services and I dont think that is a bad thing as people were not taking it seriously.  

My normal physical activities have been cancelled (ParkRun and pilates) so I have been trying to go for a walk or run most days, to keep exercising, especially while as the autumn weather is so beautiful.  As well as just having some mindfulness time.  I now understand part of how it must feel for every person who has lived through a World War, and those who currently live in a country at war.  The future is unknown, you know that some people are not safe, you cannot go where you like, there are shortages of supplies and job losses.  I am not panicking, just trying to adjust my thinking to this new world of uncertainty and staying home.

This is an updated photo of each block (photo edited in Layout - some were taken closer then others, hence size variations) so you can see that I ended up unpicking lots of the centres and re sewing them in a more uniform style.  That included re sewing the stems as the original method I used made for a very think stem and again they were not very even.  I have also added very small circles to the green block.  The red block already had them, but I am trying to refine my method, as they are very fiddly! 
I don't have a pattern, just making it up as I go along - hence all the mistakes!  I am thinking that a vine and berry border is next.  But would like to add some pieced sashing between blocks, just not sure if I will do a checkerboard or something simpler.  Ideas anyone?
Happy quilting Sue.


  1. the pink quilt is great.. very cheerful and I love where you are going with the dresden cherries... gorgeous. Whatever you decide will look stunning... Lots of changes and it is an effort each day to not just focus on the negative.... we are all shifting our mindsets...

  2. Your dresdens are looking wonderful!

    The falling charms pattern is great, and it looks so happy in the fabrics you used.

  3. Love that you are working with such bright cheerful colors. It's a beautiful contrast to what's going on presently. The Dresden cherry blocks are great. I like the addition of the small circles. Lots of work, though.

  4. A very bright and pretty finish!
    Your Dresden Blocks are so pretty. Those added circles are a nice touch, but I cannot imagine having to make them! :)

  5. Your cherries should keep you busy for a while.
    We've all had to make adjustments, but I think we crafters got the best of it, even if we can't just pop out to top up on threads.


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