Falling charms and puppy dogs tails

A good friend Lisa donated this small top and the directional print that were left over from a previous quilt she had made.  I added the side borders to make it square but we agreed a top/bottom border was necessary and there was sufficient fabric.  This photo shows me trying out cornerstone options, because I was just that bit short of fabric!  
Its all pinned now and ready to quilt, another cute* kids quilt that will be appropriate for my prefered charity.  (*prints are all dogs and cat themed)
This pattern is called Falling charms (by Missouri Star Quilt Co) and I had two charm packs that had been neglected in my stash for too long.  It is an overdue finish.  I started this months ago but the pink background fabric was a problem and the needle kept unthreading even when I put in a new needle. In the end a larger sized needle helped, but I am still throwing out the scraps of this pink homespun from Spotlight!  I was pinning the quilt ready for quilting when I realised that that red checked block was turned around....way way harder to unpick and re sew with hundreds of safety pins in the top, but I did do it!
The second charm pack has been prepped with red background pieces and is sitting ready to go as one of the kits I have prepared for two charity quilting workshops I was running in late March and April.  Two ladies had already taken kits to sew at home because they were not available to attend on the dates.  I think the other dozen kits I had made from my own and donated fabric will also be handed out to friends who want to self isolate as much as possible - plus given them some entertainment.  So its still a win win in my book!
With the COVID 19 situation worsening every day around the world and the average age of quilters in the vulnerable category I have decided to cancel my March workshop and doubt that April will go ahead.  Over last weekend and this week in Australia (well the regional corner of Victoria that I live in) people have started to panic buy at the supermarket and major and minor events are being cancelled daily.  The local netball and Aussie rules football season is about to begin (a major part of any rural community in Australia) and the start date has been postponed to May - a friend of mine tells me he is concerned about how that will impact peoples mental health, such as  die hard fans live and breath for their football.  Schools are still open, unbelievably.  For now my kids are attending but each day I question myself.  So many social commitments and volunteer activities have been cancelled already, which is people being cautious V government imposed requirements.  Friends who two weeks ago were determined to have their much anticipated overseas holiday are now saying they are happy to cancel.  I am not panicked but being very cautious and avoiding the shops.  I have been buying a little extra for a few weeks now.  Its not enough to feed us for two weeks of isolation but certainly I can help out my parents and prevent them going to the shops.  Hubby already works from home and for the first time in six months I am pleased to be unemployed!  Having said that, I fear for the thousands that may soon find themselves unemployed or their business failing.  After months of horrible bushfires and such a strong sense of community and willingness to help our fellow Australians, I do hope that people can continue to find that good will to be kind and help others. 
Happy quilting Sue.


  1. You continue to make sweet kiddo quilts. Lots of changes everywhere. The schools are closed here until the middle of April, restaurants are closed and everyone is trying to stay home as much as possible except for a few exceptions. Take care.

  2. I like the way you carried the design element into the corners of the border in that top quilt.
    I've got charm packs that are stacking up. I should use that Falling Charms for at least one or two of them!
    Like Kyle, our schools, restaurants, and churches are closed. Many businesses have shortened their hours, and several have closed. Just trying to stay positive and spend what time I can in my sewing room.

  3. The Falling Charms pattern looks really good. I like the top one too.

    We are living in strange times, aren't we?

  4. We certainly have to change our habits with this virus about. I'm only too happy to stay in and sew... but I have also been gardening while the sun is out. Stay safe in Victoria...& enjoy whatever you get up too...xox


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