Strawberry hearts and orange pinwheels

A lot of recent activity in the sewing lounge has been for others.  Mainly making up kits for two charity quilt workshops I am running in March and April, which has taken up a lot of my time.  Mind you it has reduced my novelty stash and scrap bin considerably.  Then Mum gave me some of her scraps, so back to where I started LOL!
  These scrap triangles donated from a friend have been hanging around for a long time and a need to sew finally gave me the push I needed.  I was thinking of making a  mini but there were a WHOLE lot more HST to be trimmed so it might stretch to a doll quilt.  The HST finish at 1.5", so the pinwheels are 3" and its now 15" square.  Perhaps I will add a white border, not sure.  Lots of HST left over, but not four the same fabric, so need to use them up in a different way, perhaps the border?
While making something orange for February RSC was important to me....I really got fired up about these pretty strawberry reds and soft pinks in my stash.  I had written down a note on an easy method to make 1.5" HST I had seen online. So then when I started seeing cute images of heart blocks for St Valentines day I just started sewing.  THe blocks finish at 4" but no idea what I am going to do with them, perhaps another mini, just enjoyed the process of playing!
The weather has been hot and humid, too much to want a quilt on my lap for binding.  So now its a bit cooler I have finally finished a few of my binding jobs.
I made this out of the last scraps from my plus sign quilt. I had to piece and substitute some of the reds to get the last few rectangles.    I made it the right size for the scraps that I had left over, so is only big enough to be a dolls quilt.
This quilt is even smaller and will also be gifted as a dolls quilt.  I need to make some teddy bear sleeping bags to go with them!
Happy quilting Sue


  1. Lovely little quilts, such beautiful piecing for little pieces...

  2. This post just made my heart sing, with all of your lovely little creations--the cheerful pinwheels, happy hearts, and both of your small finished pieces. Love it all!

  3. You've been a lot of fun sewing and making lots of different minis. Glad your Mum shared more fabric with you. I'd hate to see you run out!

  4. They all look lovely but my favourite is the orange pinwheels.

  5. Cute little orange pinwheel quilt but my heart belongs to the hearts!

  6. It looks like you had some fun with your ORANGE scraps for the RSC... Until the squirrels took over the sewing lounge!!! LOL!!


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