9 patches and a Traffic Jam

 I told my friend I was NOT making this quilt and did NOT want to make nine patches!
 LOL, yep here I am making nine patches. For some reason that I cannot explain they are scrappy but not multi coloured.  I normally like multi coloured.  I dont think this is the start of a new quilt.  Rather me just playing and having fun.  I think its the start of adding some more to the orphan block collection!
I finished binding and quilting Traffic Jam by Pat Sloan this week.  
It was hard to get a good photo because of the bright morning light.  The quilting is stitch in the ditch and diagonal lines.  I have given the quilt a wash since then and its nice and crinkly.
A scrappy back was required and made from the left over of fat quarters and backing leftovers I unearthed in my stash. I hope to make more pieced backs, its a great way to use up stash scraps.

I had been making steady progress on the trees, but the trunk and triangle section is giving me a few issues (making them all the same) and I have put it aside and become distracted by 9 patches! As the Covid 19 virus ramps up in Australia I can see more and more opportunities to stay home and sew!  I have started washing my hands for longer a and keeping social distances as recommended.  The constant bombardment of "disaster" news is hard to ignore and I am not surprised people are panic buying in the shops. I have purchased some extra groceries, but did that 3 weeks ago and I know we could never survive on what was in the pantry for a full two weeks.  I guess if you live somewhere the roads got cut off regularly you would know how to prepare better, but just taking it one day at a time here!  Its my elderly friends I am most concerned about and social gatherings are being cancelled everywhere.  Luckily I am content to stay home and sew.  The kids are busting to stay home from school as well, but so far not been told to...I have pre warned them that extra holidays will come with extra homework, they are not impressed!
Happy quilting Sue.


  1. Great 9 patches and Traffic Jam looks great. No school cancellations here either although almost everything else is cancelled. Stay well and enjoy sewing.

  2. Fortunate that we are happy to stay home and occupy ourselves easily. Yes, hard to ignore the media hype, less time on social media will be good. Stay calm.

  3. Wonderful nine patches! I really like the "same but different" colors. really great.
    Nice trees too

  4. All your projects look good. I love the 9-patches!

    Good luck if you have to do some home-schooling in the future. It would be much harder keeping active kids isolated than adults with sewing interests.

  5. That is a great looking 9-patch quilt you are NOT making. :)
    Traffic Jam looks really nice.
    I admire your tenacity in making more of the small Tree of Life blocks!
    Schools are closed around here as a preventative--and we woke up to an earthquake. Crazy!


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