Shoo fly blocks multiple!

I have ordered fabric for a special quilt, but in the meantime I started making Shoo Fly blocks because that used up the HST and 2.5" squares I have in the scrap box.  I found them addictive!
Sew I kept on sewing until I had used all the red and lime green!
I was trying to use up all the sea gull fabric, but I found more!  These blocks are only 6" big, so this needs a border to make it toddler size, but I ran out of red scraps, so figured that's good enough.  Just need to piece it together, already have the border fabrics sourced from my stash - amazing what you find in the back of the cupboard!
Heron on my early morning walk around the "block".  We live on the outskirts of town. 
The undeveloped end of south bank of Wimmera River in town.  The Council have made a new bike path, so the kids and I had a big (12 km) ride into town and a loop along the river and around the small weir.
View from our front door  watching the sun set.
Just a few photos from the second week we spent self isolating ...we are allowed out to exercise and because the weather has been so warm, I am trying to do so every day.  The kids are on school holidays, so trying to get them to be active also v sitting on the couch playing games.  
Stay safe, stay sane, keep sewing! 
happy quilting Sue.


  1. love the blocks, it always amazes me how different they look with lights and darks in different places... lovely walks. lIke you we are trying to get out for walks while we can... but not such energetic and long ones as you!

  2. Good post Sue, keep sewing, and you inspire me to start some walks, although spending time in the garden some days. Little bit of sewing for me, and still customer quilts to do.

  3. The hst's and leftover squares made lots of fun churn dashes. Glad you're enjoying some school holiday time. Our school district just canceled school for the rest if the year (end of May). Meaning the teachers are doing on line teaching and the kids are at home. It's crazy.

  4. 'Twill be another very pretty quilt for someone to love. What a beautiful view of the sunset, but the sun coming up through those trees in that crane picture is outright scary looking! :) ---"Love"

  5. Meant to say a little more concerning the weather here. A few days ago we were in the 80's; tonight we are in the high 30's! It's been cloudy all day, with a north wind, and what's worse, it's supposed to rain all weekend and in to Monday! No walking around outside for me, even if I were able! I'm ready for Spring to come, but then I know this is Texas! ---"Love"

  6. Lovely blocks, it will make a great wee toddler quilt.


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