Traffic jam flimsy finish

I took the Frolic top to patchwork so I could trim the edges in company of friends - to boost my confidence!  But in order to carry all the bits and pieces I had to empty these mini quilts out of a bag.  When I got home I decided they deserved some attention NOW while they were out of the bag!
The navy mini just needed hanging corners added - quick unpick of already stitched down binding and that job took 10 minutes!  The colourful nine patch neonatal quilt needed binding - took another 15 minutes to find a cute orange stripe in my stash and get that sewn on.  Last but not least the aqua/red neonatal quilt needed quilting and binding.  So now I have some hand sewing for evenings and three little quilts are nearly finished - yippee!
My Traffic jam flimsy was next in line for some overdue attention. I found a rapidly dwindling collection of grey and black fabrics and cut up 4.5" strips and sewed the borders on.  The pattern has a pieced borders from 2.5 squares, but I had depleted my supply of pre cut squares in these colours and I am happy with the final look.  I am going to try and quilt this myself, but need to find a backing first.
A continuation of my experimentation of making very large HST I made a giant churn dash - this is currently 37 " square.  I am going to add a blue border to make it finish up at the size I want.  The idea is that it will make a good teen boy quilt fand a easy kit to cut and make for the charity workshops I am hosting.  However with all that "blank" space one really should try out some new quilting patterns ; ) we will see if that happens or not!
Happy quilting Sue. 


  1. At least you are doing a lot better than I am at getting some unfinished business taken care of. Your Traffic Jam is looking really good! ---"Love"

  2. Its amazing what you can get done in just a few minutes when you put your mind to it. Fun donation quilts, both big and little.

  3. Look at all you have accomplished!
    What size are the neonatal quilts? They look so sweet.
    Love the churndash. I can see all kinds of possibilities with that block as the center.

  4. Pretty neonatal quilts! The UFO don't last long in your sewing room ;))


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