Frolic flimsy finished

Frolic flimsy is finished!  
The border was fairly straight forward.  The addition of the solid white border stopped the stretch from bias edges and the HST behaved beautifully.  I have stitched right around the outer edge immediately and found some of the HST seams had started to pop open.  I am considering adding another skinny white border....but for now enjoying the quilt as it is.
I already had lots of blue HST made in my parts department.  So I have a lovely array of colour variations.  But my pinks follow the pink in the quilt fairly closely.  I like the combined effect of existing colour and new.  There are lots of fabrics in this top that I can point out and say, "that was a backing, or from Mums unwanted stash, or from a bag I made." It is a scrap quilt...except that I did have to buy some yardage in white and green, plus there was some bargin bin navy that was perfect to finish out the blues.  I might have purchased other colours before checking my stash adequately but they will be used eventually!!
Happy quilting Sue.


  1. That's lots of little pieces you put together, and every point is matching perfectly! Great job on a very pretty quilt. ---"Love"

  2. that's really lovely, frolic is such a good name for it....

  3. It's exciting to see all those bright colors together. Great job!

  4. Great movement in this quilt. It appears to be doing a happy dance! I'll bet you are. I know I would be if I had just finished this up!

  5. Well done Sue, a great achievement, yes another white border I think.


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