Quilted ladybird cot quilt and Frolic takes shape

The second ladybird lone star cot quilt has been ready for quilting for months.  Mum took pity on me and did the main stitch in the ditch then gave it back to me.  For some reason I went with heavy quilting, which looks great, but too way too long for a little quilt!  Oh well its all done now, just needs a trim and binding.
It took a few  before I got the rhythm of making the Frolic blocks.  Its great to have all the little fiddly units made, so I quickly got 12 blocks finished in a day and half - in between getting kids back to school and normal domestic duties.
Then I made the sashing and decided that I really needed to see it laid out on point.  

A friend called in and that gave me the motivation to crawl around on the floor to decide if I wanted the hassle of making the quilt on point.  We both quickly agreed, that on point rocked!  And I had already made one half block so the decision to progress was easy!
I kept motoring away until Frolic was completed!  Well I still have to add the borders.  I have the HST made, but not sure if I have enough (because this is only a half sized version of Bonnie's pattern), as I being lazy and not doing the maths.  
That's next weeks job!
Happy quilting Sue.


  1. Your Frolic looks fabulous!

    I think Frolic does look best on point. There is more movement in the neutral sections - they get a nice wave on point that is lost in a straight set.

  2. I definitely like the on point setting best too. Somehow in the straight set, the light checkered blocks look so plain, but on point it lets both the light and darker blocks pop. Glad you made the change. ---"Love"

  3. You might have put a lot of quilting on your cot quilt, but it look amazing and adds so much wonderful texture.

  4. Frolic looks great... a lovely quilt.... your baby quilts suits the heavy quilting...

  5. One of these days I am going to make one of those cot quilts. They look good, but appear to be something you can make relatively quickly (if you don't quilt it very heavily! LOL).

  6. Oh, forgot to say that your Frolic blocks look great either way, but I do think the on point setting is visually more intriguing.

  7. Wow...it looks amazing Sue......and I love on point for appliqué too!

  8. It's amazing how much difference an onpoint setting makes to lots of blocks. Might have to try that on a quilt design I am struggling with at the moment!

  9. Oh yes, definitely on point!! Wow, your Frolic looks great :-) The baby quilt is lovely too.


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