Lone star on the line.

I finished quilting and binding the Lone Star cot quilt (51") and was super happy with the straight lines on the diagonal.  This was super easy to quilt, but it had been pinned within an inch of its life!
I love the fabrics I picked, but this photo does wash them out a bit.  The background is a grunge, which I don't love but the quilt shop owner assured me it was "all the range" for a modern quilt.  Now its all together I am happy!
Lisa gifted me two mini charm packs, as a thank you and they were too cute to resist.  I sewed them up quickly into this handy sized table runner and quilted it simply.  I had some striped fabric in my scrap bin, which was leftover backing fabric and it was just enough to back and bind the runner - perfect for Christmas!
The urge hit me to make more Teddy bear sleeping bags ....this time with pillows!
I try and make them in different sizes to use up batting scraps and to suit different sized soft toys.  But I had to add a little scrap fabric to top and bottom of the one on the left, so I could use the cutest fabric featuring a farm house and farm scene on it!  Having lots of fun playing with outrageous colour combinations like pink and yellow!
Happy quilting Sue.


  1. I love your Star quilt and great little table runner. How cute are those toy sleeping bags...

  2. Those sleeping bags are adorable Sue! x

  3. You have been getting a lot done!

    The pillows are a really cute addition to the teddy sleeping bags.

  4. Fabulous Lone star. The straight line quilting is perfect. The sleeping bags are super cute. You've been busy.

  5. Another great quilt finish, and a lovely table runner.
    But those little teddy bear sleeping bags steal the show--so cute!!

  6. They sure are cute little sleeping bags Sue.


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