A second Ladybird lone star quilt, neonatal quilt and fun shopping

A shopping trip recently with friends resulted in lots of purchases.  The orange, navy and raspberry fabric on top LH side of picture was purchased in Maldon, where bargain prices have to be taken advantage of!  The rest was purchased at Maree St Clair's shop in Bendigo, my first visit, but as it is dedicated to reproductions it most certainly will not be my last!  The two mini charm packs were gifted to me by Lisa as a thank you for being the driver for the day.  I have already started to make them into a red and white checkerboard table runner - perfect for Christmas!
Another Lone Star baby quilt, with cute ladybug fabric.  I have actually ended up making two the same.  There was a complete lack of interesting in doing any form of calculating when I was at the shop and the background fabric was low, so I just brought the rest of the bolt!  Then I made a mistake when sewing the half square triangles (forgot to make two with both feature fabrics, and made too many star points), so I just made two quilts....there is still plenty of fabric left over for binding and backing!
A Neonatal quilt made for charity (Very Snuggly Quilts), using left over yardage from my plus quilt.  I made the nine patches and then they got parked.  But after making the ladybug quilt, I realised the leftover background fabric (white with a tiny grey spot) was perfect for sashing these blocks, so that reignited this quilt.. 

It was great to off load a large collection of quilts (mine and others)  to a lady in Stawell who goes to Vic Quilters meetings in Melbourne.  But then I just felt guilty when she said they wouldn't go to Melbourne until February, unless she drove them to Bacchus Marsh to another lady!  So going to make a better effort to better time the drop off so they get to Melbourne (for distribution) in a more timely manner and to make contact with a local that does go to Bacchus Marsh, who might deliver them for me.  But first got to start making more kids charity quilts!
Happy quilting Sue.


  1. Lovely work and it looks like a healthy stash for your next project....

  2. That was a good shopping trip!

  3. Looks like a nice stash acquisition experience! :)
    Two great baby quilts. I love that you made a neonatal quilt.


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