Quilting FG table runner

I had purchased a French General jelly roll only to discover it was Christmas prints.  I used all the red and cream prints in a French General quilt, but still had oodles of green fabrics and wanted to try out a pattern I had that included instructions for a table runner and two different sized quilts.  I think adding instructions for a table runner is a genius idea - certainly get more bang for your buck!
Sewing the blocks did not require too much concentration but I did dither a lot deciding on fabric placements.  I used a nice neutral (also FG) that I had yardage of and was really happy that enabled me to use the lighter prints as well to get some contrast with the green patterns.
I stitched in the ditch, then did some orange peel quilting motifs in larger spaces. I used left over strips for binding - and was hand stitching the binding down at my group one afternoon.  One of the ladies asked to see the table runner and I explained that I was making it as a raffle prize for the Christmas tree at our "local" (where I grew up)  hall.  She said she would buy some tickets and purchased $20 worth to my delight.  The raffle is our main profit making process, as we aim to keep cost of events cheap so families can enjoy.  Anyway because she was not attending, we wrote her name on her tickets and she won the table runner!  The main prize was a hamper of Christmas food, but I think she is going to be thrilled with her table runner.  And I might need to make another one in this pattern for myself, but perhaps next year!

A friend gifted me two dozen eggs and suggested I make a 8 egg pavlova, which I did and it was very successful!  This will be dessert for my December birthday (gluten free so ticks all the boxes for a easy family dessert) and I think I will make another for Christmas.  Anything that doesn't need refrigeration is a good thing, as we are in midst of a heatwave.
The paving still needs some finishing work, but the section that touches the lawn is done, yippee.  Hubby has taken "cores" out of the existing lawn and planted in the empty section and we are now watering twice a day to get it growing.  The heat this week is attempting record breaking, so keeping the garden alive this summer is going to be a battle.  
Happy quilting Sue.


  1. I love the runner Sue, lovely design and FG is wonderful fabric..... home made pav is so good. Oh I am jealous of your green grass... keep cool during this brutal heat....

  2. Happy birthday for whichever day it actually is! The pav looks good.

    How lovely that the runner prize went to someone that really wanted it.

  3. What a lovely story to go with your table runner. I think you should definitely make one for yourself. Hope the heat doesn't persist. Sweet reindeer protection for your yard.

  4. The reindeer look great, and your garden looks lovely. How did you fare in the heat this week?? Love your runner.


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