Tiny tree sew along by Temecula Quilt Co.

I tried to resist, because life is so busy at this time of year...and I actually wanted to make the Bonnie Hunter Mystery quilt!
I was nearly a week behind when I started making the Tiny Tree blocks in Temecula Quilt Co sew along. But one afternoon I carved out the time and got six blocks made in the one sitting - the unfinished blocks are 2 3/4" square.  While I love little blocks I still struggle with getting them perfect.  But this time I spray starched all my scraps then cut the pieces out...and hey presto it works -sewing perfect points was easy, so after years of chasing that elusive golden rule for perfection in mini quilts = starch!
 I made the next three blocks...and remade the first block, because the contrast was terrible.  Another few days flew by before I was able to sew again, and I was able to finish all the blocks.  It is just so unrealistic to think I was going to be able to sew each day, but I got there!  
I am still holding out hope I can do half the required blocks for Bonnies mystery quilt, but the biggest thing holding me back is the fabric.  I have to dig deep in the stash and might need to change a few colours to line up with what I already have in my stash.
This is the wall hanging flimsy completed, there was some unpicking required and still unhappy about the side triangles!  I had accepted its not going to be finished for Christmas, but definitely will be for next year LOL!
I was deadheading roses before the real heatwave hit and found a beautifully constructed nest in the middle of my standard rose - the one with the biggest thorns!  Birds are so clever, but unfortunately it belongs to a blackbird, which are not native and not welcome in our garden.  Still it is nice to see that our garden provides refugee to so many birds.
Happy quilting Sue.


  1. lovely little tree.... I am sorry I didn't do it now! Keep cool....

  2. Good to know the starch secret for mini blocks! I'll keep that in mind. I didn't know about the Tiny Tree SAL, but I've seen them on a couple of blogs now and they are really cute.

  3. Love your tree, good work for fitting that in, and I know about black birds, and the mess they make, but they have one redeeming feature and that is their song.


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