Pulling up pavers

Pulling the paved path up was a whole days work.  Hard to call it work when you make a big mess!  The original path did not run in the right spot now the gazebo is up.  The area of dirt on the left is the east end of our shade house, which hubby has pulled down. The floor of the shade house was lined with more pavers, which I had previously pulled up.  That big root ball is a hydrangea, don't worry I took cuttings!
I scraped all the dirt off the pavers and Dad brushed them clean and stacked them.  Now we are waiting for the landscaper to re lay them....fingers crossed that he comes.  I got the message loud and clear that he is busy and doesnt want my little paving job.  But pulling up the pavers was hard enough on my back, so I am leaving the laying part to the expert....if I can convince him to come!
While I am waiting for the landscaper I cannot do anymore gardening, so I started making a baby quilt.  I had this picture in my head that a Lone Star would be a nice idea.  I brought the fabric in  Ballarat, while I was waiting for Dad to have minor surgery.  I didn't have a pattern, just talked it through with the shop owner.  And I am two squares (24") short :( with only myself to blame!  I am not upset, in fact I am pleased so far!  Mainly because it looks better then I had imagined and because I got all the directional animal print facing the right way!  Because I have to order more background fabric (Grunge) then I might get extra to add a small border, so the star floats a bit.  Its already 48" square, so perhaps just a inch or two wide.  
Happy quilting Sue.


  1. Good luck with getting the paving guy to come and do the job! Tradespeople can be frustrating at times.

  2. You've done enough heavy work for a while! Go quilt on that good-looking baby quilt! ---"Love"

  3. I am working on getting a retaining wall, so I understand the work. Hope your paving guy shows up quickly. It is going to look beautiful when it is done!

  4. Paver hauling is not for sissies. My friend got a hairline fracture in her back when she moved a bunch of 25 pound pavers around in her yard. I hope your "expert" will finish the job for you.
    I like your baby quilt--I may have to borrow that idea sometime.


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