Blue stars

I was sick and tired of coming across this lovely stack of blue 5" squares.  They were left over from a star scrap quilt I made ages ago.  Sew next thing I knew I am scrounging through the scrap bin looking for pre cut 1.5" sqares to make flippy triangles. 
I have nearly run out of neutral scraps and stash, but keep turning up bits and pieces to make the stars.  After a couple of days of flippy triangles though I was seeing stars!  This section had to get unpicked!
This quilt finishes about 64 x 55" which is slightly larger then the recommended size for teenagers, for my prefered kids charity.  
I am happy its done, but frustrated I have oodles of parts left over and still more 5" squares!  So I started another quilt (aiming for a smaller size) and in the process of rummaging through the parts/orphan box I found a little top already completed!
I do remember making this out of the left overs from a past kids quilt.  I think it got stalled because it was too small to use as a cot quilt, but too big to be a dolls quilt.  However it is  the right size to gift to my prefered kids charity (as a neo natal quilt), so bonus!  Sew now I have two tops to find backings, baste and make scrappy bindings for!  
Happy quilting Sue.


  1. They both look good! Happy quilting, etc.

  2. I love those quilts made from charms and stars in the sashing. And blue and white makes it even better!
    Great job making donation quilts. I need to do more of that, for sure!

  3. Your blue stars is a favorite pattern of mine, but I've yet to make one! Great job finishing up some 5" squares, but they never seem to really disappear.

  4. Great quilt, love the stars, and good that you are using leftovers. I have plenty of those, and now that I have the HST dies it makes those triangles so easy to cut!


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