Mini Hexagon purse

I had my last job for three years and used to travel the 10 hour return trip to Adelaide about four times a year.  The bus trip takes longer than driving but I could read, answer work emails and calls and .... yep I used to sew!  These are tiny hexies and I had just a few paper templates that were given to me, so I was constantly taking them out and reusing them.  I just haphazardly kept sewing hexies (using pre cut 1.5" scraps) around the edges with little thought for design.  
When I finished work in May, I ended up with this strange shape and no idea what to do with it!  So it became a purse and the left overs got thrown away.  The stitching wasn't very good because the road is bumpy, but it now serves to remind me that even the smallest scraps are precious and can be used. 
I had this pattern for a appliqued purse from a sewing day out I did with the Quilters Harvest, its a Shelly Kelly pattern.  I appliqued the clams and basket onto some prairie cloth (pre quilted muslin)  I brought years ago.  
This little scrap purse is now a happy reminder of what is important in life. 
Sometimes we get distracted, but we can always get back on track with a gentle reminder.
Happy quilting Sue.


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