Neonatal charity quilt

Over January I  made four cot quilts for new babies, one already born and a couple due.  I used a fat quarter pack that I purchased from a destash sale.  That is the first time I had ever been to a destash and first time I had ever brought a fat quarter pack!  
The fabric went a long way but there were  a few lovely scraps too cute to not use.   I randomly pieced them together to make this neonatal quilt.  It has been sitting in a pile forgotten for months and I found it when I was on a quilting roll.  Which is one reason why I have free motion quilted it!  Well that and the fact it is so small (24" square) and I pieced the wadding, so I was brave and decided to  densely quilt it.   I am pleased with the results, but practise makes perfect and its a long way off.  

This quilt has just been straight and ditch stitched but I am now certain that it needs a bit more to anchor it down.  However the binding is on and I lost my quilting confidence when the walking foot died.  It wasnt so much that the foot died, as that it took me awhile to work out what was wrong and I unpicked way too much micro stitches in that time!  So while I am not going to tempt fate with more unpicking I do think this quilt will get some fancy free motion quilting....but I have to wait for some appropropriate quilting inspiration first.  
Happy quilting Sue.


  1. lovely little quilt and well done with the quilting..... something will come to you for the other one in time... very pretty quilt

  2. The free-motion quilting looks terrific! Good for you, just jumping in and doing it.

  3. Two very nice finishes (well, one is almost finished if you still plan to quilt more on it). I need to follow your example and do more quilts for donating!

  4. More sweet quilts. You have donated so many wonderful quilts this year. I'm sure each one is loved and admired. Just click on that new walking foot and have at it!


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