Two more bright fun kids quilts finished

I finally got the binding on two quilts I quilted a little while ago.  I normally enjoy binding at night, but a hand stitching project had distracted me.  I briefly lost my piecing mojo but had lots of energy for quilting - a very rare thing indeed, so I ran with it while it lasted!
The next quilt is decidedly girly with pink, purple and green blocks...and a pretty backing of mermaids - sorry it is a bit hard to see here with the light shining through the quilt!
The sun was shining briefly but it was bitterly cold this day, so I didn't hang around for better shots!

 The rosemary is flowering in our garden making a lovely splash of blue.
And then a few of the flag iris have also started to flower, creating more splashes of colour around the garden.

There is one more kids charity quilt pinned and another top to be pinned, but they will be waiting awhile now as I have started a new quilt and have plans for a second.  I am finally using some fabric I won several years ago (in our local quilt show), in conjunction with the yardage I won recently.

Happy quilting Sue.


  1. You gotta go with whatever mojo you have, don't you?
    Good job on the quilts. Such a nice feeling to have finishes. :)

  2. Another set of cute kiddo quilts. Bitter cold and flowers are not the usual combination I see here in winter, but maybe it's closer to spring for you.

  3. All three quilts shown look great, and will be much loved. Your flowers are beautiful too. ---"Love"


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