Homage to Richmond!

Aussie rules football runs through the winter months, so typically occurs on cold and windy days.  It was cold, wet and windy the day I took these photos and I was dodging showers to get out to take photos.  Hence plenty of action shots of the tops flapping in the wind were unavoidable.
This kids quilt is indeed a homage to Richmond Football Club in a Eye Spy format.
My friend Lisa is a avid Richmond supporter and loves cats, there are lots of cat prints in the black background fabric...as well as Star Wars, so something of interest for everyone!
Sticking to my tried and true method of polka dot sashing and diagonal colourways to make a colourful quilt top.
And for my third top I stuck with the winning formula of blue, blue and a splash of orange!  This is because I have an abundance of blue blocks but I do admit I really like it!  I will have to go back and do a count of how many kids quilts I have made out of this donated Eye Spy fabric, because there are still a pile of made blocks and pre cut squares in my sewing room - somewhat diminished, but enough for a few more tops yet!  
But for now I am going to be busy quilting!  Its all good because a) its winter. reasonably wet so I am stuck indoors b) I quit my job and need entertaining while I "look" (wait is a better term in regional Victoria) for another part time job to apply for c) the builder finally arrived to renovate our ensuite 9 mths after we discovered the shower was leaking - so I need to be home but out of his way!
Happy quilting Sue.


  1. Your quilts are gorgeous Sue...good luck with the job search and the bathroom reno......good to have the quilting to keep you sane! x

  2. Happy quilting! It is a good way to spend cold wet days.

  3. Enjoy your indoor winter tine.


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