Maple leaves in log cabins

I finished sewing the Maple leaves last weekend, all 56 of them.  
Most importantly I used up lots of non reproduction stash and some scraps.
Then sewed the log cabins on and trimmed the blocks.  My blocks were quarter of an inch smaller then they should be, despite me using finer thread.  I usually adjust the needle setting on my machine, but figured I didn't need because it had been sufficient when making miniatures.  But on a larger scale it didn't work.  Not much I can do, but trim back and keep sewing!
I was pleased to make such good progress, but I also fitted in a bush walk (from top of Mt Zero in Grampians) and a 5 km walk along the river with a friend.  So ticked some boxes (fitness and relaxing) but not others LOL (housework, gardening)!  Besides I gardened the previous weekend!  Trying to get some more physical activity into my week, which is just a matter of making it a priority.
Happy quilting, Sue.


  1. Your quilt blocks are a lovely combo of your scrappy scraps. What a lovely area to be hiking in. Housework? It can usually wait! Hahaha

  2. The maple leaves look great in the log cabins.... amazing how a thread can make a difference in the size but since they are the same block it won't notice at all at the end.... very nice.... Sound like a lovely walk too...

  3. I really love your log cabin/leaf blocks. I am a sucker for Fall colors and themes. :)
    Wow--what a wonderful vista!


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