Kids quilts progress

Opps sideways picture!
You get the idea!  I keep finding UFO's in the pile that is my sewing space which is jammed in the corner of my lounge room.  So I stuck a border on it and now its a flimsy finish - a lap or kids sized quilt top made from left over sashing strips (see below) and I spy fabrics.
A proper finish!  These are the I Spy  four patches that my friends help me make (and donated fabric for) back in March.  Finally its quilted and bound.  I literally picked out the dark blue and black bindings from my scrap binding collection and sewed them on.  While I was there I had a bit of a clean out ... no point holding onto 5" of scrap binding ... cut them into 2.5" squares instead!
I found this wonderfully loud lime green and blue spot in my stash and it worked perfectly as a border on this kids quilt.  I love the fact that happened...because the rest of the quilt is out of the stash as well!  I have purchased some backing and which just needs piecing and then this top goes in the pile for quilting.  While my shoulder is much improved, I am not game to do any quilting and upset it again after months of discomfort and physio.
And this is the view from the top of Mt Arapiles, where you can see the canola flowering in the paddocks below.  This was a short walk can drive to almost the top of this mountain, which is perfect when the weather is threatening to rain!
Spring has arrived! Wattle flowering in the Mt Arapiles State Park.  
Happy quilting Sue


  1. All of your kid quilts are perfect. The finish of the I Spy quilt will be loved by someone for sure. Don't irritate your shoulder. Who knew quilting was such a physical activity.

  2. Lovely quilts Sue, you are wise to wait ont he quilting till your shoulder is good and strong again...

  3. Love all your finishes, and especially love the wattle.

  4. I didn't know you could drive up Mt Arapiles. Will have to check it out some time, because the view looks fantastic.

    Cute kid quilts. It is extra nice when you can get something done from stash!

  5. Some very fun kids' quilts!
    I can relate on the shoulder issue. I have still only machine quilted minis since my surgery back in March.
    What a beautiful view!


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