Ireland n Dubai Holiday 3

Blaney Castle outside of Cork is famous.  But this is the house (still lived in), which is just as beautiful and you can go inside.  We didnt kiss the Blarney stone - I already have the gift of the gab!
View from top of Blarney Castle.  The grounds are large and very beautiful.
Not sure if they were yarn bombing Blarney Castle or just trying experimenting with curtains?
Everywhere in England and Ireland you would see the old stone watering trough's filled with summer annuals.  
My kind of pet!  I guess you could call him a wire haired breed ;)
Dubai, view from Burj Khalifa (tallest building in the world). Dubai was a really good stop over for two days to break the jet lag.  But honestly my opinion is "been there, done that" and never going back. I am a country girl at heart and this joint was a modern city with all the trappings that don't interest me!  
That was my second trip to Ireland (first for hubby) and he got some good information on the family tree, that enabled him to crack some of the mystery when we got home.  I have promised him we will go back one day, because it is such a beautiful place and there was lots we didn't get to see.  
Happy quilting Sue.


  1. I suppose it is interesting to see Dubai once, but it is not really my kind of place, either. The view from Blarney Castle is a lot more inviting than the view from Burj Khalifa!

  2. Your travel photos continue to show us your lovely holiday. I didn't kiss the Blarney Stone either. Too many lips. How fun you were able to track down more family history. It's like discovering a missing piece of a puzzle.

  3. Such a contrast between Ireland and Dubai.
    I hope to get to Ireland someday and see these lovely sights myself, but I have no ambitions for Dubai. My oldest son did stop over there once a couple of years ago on a trip to India and said it was interesting.

  4. Looks like a pretty country to visit, thanks for the tour.


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