Little bit of orange

Having five weeks off without sewing was unusual for me.  But once I was ready I needed something easy and mindless to piece.  So I made Rainbow scrappy challenge blocks, July was red and there was a nice stash of pieces ready to sew in my box.
.  I love these 8" Ohio star blocks.  The pieces are cut with my Go cutter and really helps to use up my scraps.  I am just about out of neutrals though, so time to cut some more!
When I have no motivation  for sewing I sit around drinking coffee and reading old magazines, looking for a project to fall in love with.  This is Scatted Leaves by Pam Buda, the pattern appeared in issue October 2009 of American Patchwork and Quilting and because it encompases leaves  and log cabins its my kinda quilt!  I love a country, murky palette and I am trying to use up my non reproduction stash.  It is hard to tie the fabric left together now that I have whittled it down. However pulling out a autumn theme of reds, orange, brown and a bit of green was easily achieved. I would like a fat quarter of purple or yellow, but will have to go on a serious hunt to find these colours in another box (brights got added into kids/novelty)...not having a sewing room is a pill when it comes to storing your fabric!
And guess what,  lots of the fabrics I found are leaf prints!  LOL!
Since I started this project we kicked over to August and the RSC colour is orange.  I have made leaves in three different red prints and one in orange.  The cutting instructions from a fat quarter means you get 6-7 blocks, the leaves are 5" in size.  I used my Go cutter as much as possible and I was sewing my first leaf in no time at all.  I now need to do some more cutting for the log cabin part of the block.
Happy quilting Sue.


  1. making up blocks is a good way to tidy up those scraps... love the stars as well as the maple leaves

  2. Those red stars may be mindless sewing in your book, but they sure turned out looking well-planned and thought out.
    Love Pam's pattern. I've saved magazine pictures of several combos of log cabin and leaf blocks. Not that I have ever done anything with them. :)

  3. Both those quilts are really pretty. I've saved several quilt patterns from old magazines; I too will probably never make them, but I do love to look at them. I just can't keep all the magazines I get! ---"Love"

  4. I've had that pattern marked for a long time too. I thought it would be a great way to use up some flannels. Love the beginning of your newest creative project.

  5. Your red stars are beautiful - looks like a great way to get back into the swing of sewing. You've made a great start to the leaves too. So pretty.


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